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Civil Wars – October 19

ESA_Civil Wars

Come check out the next volume of Tempe’s wonderfully entertaining, consistently free, semi-educational variety show on October 19 as we explore the always divisive topic of Civil Wars.


Watch the Show LIVE Right Here!!!

Be sure to follow us at @EncycloShowAZ for live updates during the show.

[UPDATED] Live Stream Information


If for some unfathomable reason you can’t attend tonight’s show, we will be broadcasting the show live on ustream. If you are interested in watching the Season 4 premiere of the Encyclopedia Show AZ: Periodic Table of the Elements click here at 7pm. Though it is worth noting that money is not an excuse for missing tonight’s show. It’s free y’all. Be there!

UPDATE: You can check out the 7pm live stream of tonights show right here at

Performer Spotlight: Cult of the Yellow Sign


The Cult Of The Yellow Sign is an equal opportunity doomsday cult (and apocalypse provider). Founded thousands of years ago, The Cult is dedicated to the worship of the Elder Gods who dwell beyond the stars, waiting for the day the Old Ones rise from their slumber and annihilate all of creation in a holocaust of ecstasy and horror. The Cult also hosts open mic events, variety shows, pot lucks, orgies, pot luck orgies, scavenger hunts, publishes zines and hosts an annual H.P. Lovecraft birthday party at the Trunk Space. You can join the Cult at

Performer Spotlight: Rachel Chada


Rachel Chada is currently a sophomore at ASU pursuing a degree marketing and international business. When she’s not studying, you can find her coaching speech and debate for Desert Vista high school, baking, and cuddling with kittens. This is her third Encyclopedia Show and she can’t wait to get more involved.

Follow Rachel Chada on Twitter at @RachelChada

Performer Spotlight: Andy Kersh


Andy Kersh is a local rapper, poet and renaissance man. He recently graduated from ASU with a degree in English Literature and enjoys spending his free time binge-watching hour-long dramas and interpreting signs from the universe.

You can hear the latest music from Andy Kersh aka AKademic here and you can see his performance from Encyclopedia Show AZ Vol. 4: Explosives right here.

The Periodic Table of Elements – September 21

ESA_Periodic Table

Poster designed by Andie Flores