The Supreme Court – April 15

Surpeme Court Poster 2.1

The Encyclopedia Show Arizona is back and this time around we are taking on the highest court in the land: The Supreme Court. Join us for an age-integrated multi-genre semi-educational variety show on April 15 at The Empty Space in Tempe, Arizona.


Candy – November 6

Candy Poster

The long awaited return of The Encyclopedia Show Arizona is here! Join us for what is certain to be our most delicious installment yet. The theme is candy and we’ve got a great lineup of guest contributors ready to crush it. Our semi-educational age-integrated variety-infotainment show starts at 7:00 pm on November 6 at the Empty Space Theater in Tempe, Arizona. As always the show is free and all are welcome

Mesopotamia – April 10

ESA_Meso print

This April, the Encyclopedia Show AZ will take a journey through time and space to explore the mysteries of Mesopotamia. Some call it the cradle of civilization, some call it Iraq and Syria, some may only remember the Tigris and Euphrates rivers from the geography class. Our semi-educational age-integrated variety-infotainment show starts at 7:30 pm on April 10 at the Empty Space Theater in Tempe, Arizona. As always the show is free and all are welcome.

Poster designed by Andie Flores

Railroads – February 27

Railroads Poster

The Encyclopedia Show AZ is turning 4 on Monday February 27. If the Encyclopedia Show AZ was a human, it would be stumbling around, annoyingly asking everyone “Why?” all the time. Turns out, thats exactly what we do anyway but with a stage, an audience, and a concept. This month, our topic is Railroads! As always the show is free and will feature a variety of semi-educational performances from the community’s poets, performers, musicians, etc. This train is pulling out of the station promptly(ish) at 7:30pm. Heres to four more years of Encyclopedia Show AZ! Everybody with me now: FOUR MORE YEARS! FOUR MORE YEARS! FOUR MORE YEARS!

Performer Spotlight: Kevin M. Flanagan


Kevin Flanagan is a writer, performer, and artist living in Phoenix, Arizona.

When Kevin was three years old, he pushed a sheet metal screw up his nose. It was there for some time before being discovered, and required a trip to the emergency room to remove.

This is Kevin’s earliest memory.

Check out his website right here.

Invasive Species – January 26

ESA Invasive Species

Encyclopedia Show Arizona is invading 2015 and our topic is Invasive Species. Join us at the Empty Space Theater in Tempe on January 26 at 7:00pm as investigate this strange and scary topic. As always the show is a free, semi-educational, multi-genre edutainment variety show that hopes to teach and tickle your brain. There will be poetry, music, games, probably a few laughs and hopefully you!

As always if you are interested in performing in the show, please reach out to us at

Saints – November 17

ESA Saints

There are patron saints for everything. There is one for hangovers. There is one for television writers. There is even a patron saint of the Internet. Think about that for a second. Then think about it some more. Then come to our weird little semi-educational multi-genre show on October 30 at the Empty Space theater. This month our topic is Saints and we are going to explore the canon like only the Encyclopedia Show can. The show starts at 7pm and admission is free. Be there and bring a good beatitude!

Poster art by Andie Flores. Follow her on Twitter here!

2014 – 2015 Schedule Is Here!

7:00 PM September 8 – Christmas
7:00 PM November 17 – Saints
7:00 PM January 26 – Invasive Species
7:00 PM February 23 – Railroads
7:00 PM March 30 – Mesopotamia 
7:00 PM April 27 – Candy

All shows take place at The Empty Space theater located at:

970 E University Dr
Tempe AZ, 85281

If you are interested in participating in any upcoming shows please reach out to us. We are always looking for new performers to feature in the Encyclopedia Show AZ. You can reach us at:

Or right here:

Christmas – September 8


Every year Christmas season seems to come a little earlier and this time we know the exact time to start: September 8 at 7:00 PM at the Empty Space Theater in Tempe. Join us for some early holiday spirit as a we invite local artists, poets, speakers and more to explore every corner of the wide world of Christmas.

If you are interested in participating in this show or any others, please let us know! Emails us an or use this handy contact for:


Season 4…